Leaving a Legacy

The Howard Society

Leaving a Legacy

A legacy represents the greatest honour that St Peter’s can receive. Each and every legacy gift has a tremendous impact – in sustaining the quality of teaching and research, the student experience, and the College site itself.

Please let the Development Office know if you decide to include a bequest to St Peter’s in your will. Please also contact us if you wish to discuss making a bequest for a particular purpose (for example, to support a Fellowship).

The College particularly welcomes gifts of the residue of an estate (or a specified proportion) as the value of this type of benefaction is unaffected by inflation. A gift of a specified sum of money is of course extremely welcome, although it should be kept in mind that the value of such a bequest decreases with inflation unless the Will is kept up-to-date.

In addition to the ones above, there are several forms of legacy and we recommend that you seek professional advice in deciding which is most appropriate. These include:

  • A specified sum of money from your estate
  • A gift following a life interest (where the College receives the benefit only after the death of another beneficiary e.g. a spouse)
  • Shares, property or other non-monetary gifts

If you find yourself as a beneficiary under a Will, you may like to consider transferring the whole or part of your inheritance to St Peter’s College, Oxford, using a deed of variation. Gifts and possessions that have been transferred in this way become free of inheritance tax. This can be an effective way to support the College in your lifetime.

Click here for a suggested formulation for UK taxpayers and here for more information on legacy giving from the US.

The Howard Society was set up in 1988 as a means of recognising and thanking those who have decided to make a provision to St Peter's in their Will.