Perrodo Project Phase 2

Perrodo Project Phase 2

Planning consent for Phase 2 of the Perrodo Project was granted in September 2016. Construction started in October 2016 and the Hubert Perrodo Building was officially opened on 13 March 2018.

Phase 2 has resulted in substantial work in Hannington and Chavasse Quads and has involved the following:

  • Erection of a new building against the Baptist Church Wall (the Hubert Perrodo Building)
  • Re-modelling of Hannington and Chavasse Quads
  • Renovation of Chavasse Building ground floor

The final part of Phase 2, due to take place over Michaelmas Term 2018, will result in the renovation of Hannington Hall, focussing on its windows and acoustics

The architects for this phase of the project are Design Engine.

The Hubert Perrodo Building was recognised with a presitigious RIBA South Award 2018 in May 2018.