Perrodo Project

The Perrodo Project

What is the Perrodo Project?

The principal aim of the Perrodo Project is to make St Peter’s College a better place to study, teach and live by improving our public spaces.

Since our foundation in 1929, the St Peter’s site has constantly evolved as buildings are constructed, altered and acquired to meet changing demand. Thanks to a significant donation from the Perrodo family, we have been able to undertake a series of improvements that will help us to continue in this tradition.

The Perrodo family have a long-standing relationship with the College, and understand the importance of the physical and architectural space of St Peter’s to its academic community. This project means our public spaces continue to meet the changing needs of that community.

The work has taken place over two main phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2.

What has it Involved?

To date, the Project has involved:

  • A complete remodelling of the Lodge and the entrance to the College from New Inn Hall Street. This has made St Peter’s more visible and accessible, while remaining secure.
  • A substantial organisation of Linton Quad, resulting in more formal and informal meeting spaces.
  • A complete redesign of Hannington and Chavasse Quads to create more green spaces.
  • An upgrade and expansion of our existing conference facilities, including a ground floor extension to the Latner Building.
  • The building of a brand-new building (The Hubert Perrodo Building) on the south side of Chavasse Quad.

The final part of the project, which will look to renovate Hannington Hall, focussing on its windows and acoustics, while preserving its historic features, will take place in Michaelmas Term 2018.

What are the Outcomes and Benefits?


  • Improved teaching and conference spaces.
  • Improved comfort and safety, including the removal of trip hazards, puddles etc.
  • Improved access, including general circulation and better disabled routes.
  • Reoriented buildings to improve the use of space.


  • Greater sense of presence, including improved visibility from the road.
  • Improved green spaces and planting.


  • Better facilities that command greater appeal in the conference market, thus increasing our revenues and allowing us to invest more in core operations.

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