Chavasse Family Papers

Chavasse Family Papers

The Chavasse children in 1897The Chavasse family are closely linked to St Peter's College - Bishop Francis James Chavasse was the guiding spirit behind the foundation of St Peter's Hall in 1929, and his son Christopher was our first Master.

The College Chapel is filled with memorials to members of the Chavasse family, including Noel Chavasse's grave cross, the Chavasse memorial window and a large bas-relief of Francis James Chavasse at prayer. Further details of these memorials can be read here.

This page is intended to bring together information about the family, with a particular focus on their remarkable record of service during the Great War. The link above allows you to read brief biographies of the family members - where possible this includes links to a selection of relevant archive material from the Chavasse family papers, currently on deposit from the College at Bodleian Special Collections.

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General Correspondence of Bishop Francis Chavasse, 1916-1927

Letters from Bishop Francis Chavasse to Christopher Chavasse, 1904-1919

Letters from Christopher Chavasse to his parents, 1904-1913

Christopher Chavasse letters, 1914-1918

Miscellaneous letters to Christopher Chavasse, 1917

Letters and papers regarding Aidan Chavasse, 1914-1920