Women's Football

Oxford provides facilities for a wide range of sports at a variety of standards, enabling students both to continue activities that they already enjoy and to try out something new.

St Peter’s shares a sports field with Hertford and Exeter colleges, providing two cricket pitches and pavilions, two rugby and football pitches, a hockey pitch, tennis courts and a squash court.  Our rowers share a boat house with University College.  

St Peter’s has a reputation for sporting prowess within the University.  The men's boat performed particularly well in recent years, winning Christ Church Regatta in 2009 and performing strongly in the leagues. The women's side of the Boat Club continues to flourish each year. Three boats competed in this year's Torpids in Hilary term, with St Peter's creeping steadily up the divisions. Despite the early morning starts many St Peter's rowers have found the sport immensely valuable both for the competitive excitement of racing and the friends that are made across the three or four years of the JCR. For many years we have had rowers in the University’s boats, and in recent years have also performed well at rugby and cricket. 

Such ability is not confined to the major sports - we have even been the undefeated table football champions! For those who prefer their sports with fewer early mornings and less rigorous training, there is a much-used pool table in the JCR and darts are played enthusiastically in the college bar.