Driving and Parking

Driving and Parking

The one-way system and pedestrian priority areas are designed to keep traffic out of the city centre. For this reason we strongly recommend the use of the Park & Ride services when coming into town.

Park and Ride

The Park & Rides are all located on the Oxford Ring Road. A charge is made for parking in addition to the charge imposed by the bus company for the fare into Oxford. Parking is free, and the cost of the bus ride from any of the Park & Ride facilities is £2.20 off-peak return or £4 for two adults travelling together. Accompanied children under 16 go free. Please note that if you are staying in Oxford overnight a return ticket may not be valid (please check with the driver before purchasing your ticket). The approximate journey time from any of the Park & Ride sites is 10-15 minutes, and services leave at regular intervals throughout operating hours.

Details of each Park & Ride are below, including information about the boarding points to return to the car park from the city centre. Precise departure times can be obtained by telephoning the Oxford Park & Ride information line on 01865 785400, or by email at info@oxfordbus.co.uk. The national park & Ride website also lists accurate timetables for these services: http://www.parkandride.net/oxford.

North Oxford:

Pear Tree - Route 300 (to the north of Oxford, off the A34)
Number of parking spaces: 1102
Return journey starts: New Road (outside Nuffield college, not evenings or Saturdays), or Magdalen Street (west), stop C3 (outside the Odeon cinema).

North Oxford:

Water Eaton - Route 500 (to the north of Oxford, off the A4260)
Number of parking spaces: 798
Return journey starts: Magdalen Street (west), stop C3 (outside the Odean cinema).

East Oxford:

Thornhill - Route 400 (to the east of Oxford, off the A40)
Number of parking spaces: 845
Return journey starts: Queen's Street, stop F5.

South Oxford:

Redbridge - Route 300 (to the south of Oxford, off the A4142)
Number of parking spaces: 1374
Return journey starts: George Street (outside Alliance & Leicester, not evenings or Saturdays), or New Road (outside Nuffield college, not evenings or Saturdays), or St. Aldates, stop H1 (outside Town Hall).

West Oxford:

Seacourt - Route 400 (to the west of Oxford, off the A34)
Number of parking spaces: 792
Return journey starts: High Street, stop I1, or Castle Street, or Park End Street.

On-Street Parking

The main on-street parking areas are at St Giles, Beaumont Street and Walton Street. Prices vary depending on location but a rough guide is as follows:

Monday-Saturday daytime (8am-6.30pm): 1hr is £2; 2hrs (max stay) is £3
Evenings (6.30pm-8am): Free; no time limit.
Sunday daytime (8am - 6.30pm): Free; 2hr (max stay)

NB: Even though Sunday parking is free, you must still get a free-of-charge pay and display ticket from the machine before 6.30pm.

City Car Parks

If you must take your car into the city, there is a pay-and-display system for the main parking places. Buy a ticket from the machine and display it prominently on your windscreen. Do be warned: wardens heavily patrol the city and will most likely be by your car the second the ticket runs out.

- Abbey Place (120 spaces) - Opposite the ice-rink
- Gloucester green (100 spaces) - Underground close to the centre
- Oxpens (75 spaces) - Next to the ice-rink
- St Clements (120 spaces) - Near Magdalen Bridge
- Railway Station (400 spaces) - Daily rates for rail and non-rail users
- South Parks Road (200 spaces) - Saturdays only in the University Science area
- Other on-street pay-and-display parking mainly in Broad Street and St Giles (386 spaces)
- Worcester Street (190 spaces)
- Westgate (1225 spaces) - City Centre

Parking for those with disabled badges

There are 90 parking bays allocated places for disabled drivers which are dotted around the city. To park in these spaces a disabled (blue) badge must be displayed showing the number and the clock. Disabled badge holders are able to park for unlimited periods without charge in on-street pay and display and residents' parking spaces. Parking is usually permitted for up to 3 hours on single or double yellow lines, but some restrictions do apply (for example in loading areas). Refer to guidance issued with the Disabled Badge for details of restrictions. Police and traffic wardens are helpful. The largest concentration of disabled pay and display spaces can be found in the car parks in Broad Street, St Giles and New Inn Hall Street, opposite college. Please see the attached map for more details.

To apply for a Disabled (Blue) Badge see the disability contacts page for Oxfordshire Social Services' contact details (http://www.oxford.gov.uk/community/accessible-parking.cfm).

Note: Disabled persons showing both parts of the Orange Badge may park for free in any of the on-street parking spaces, but standard charges will apply in the off-street car parks.

Medium Stay - Westgate Car Park

The multi-storey car park next to the Westgate Shopping Centre is where you are most likely to find a place to park at peak traffic times. You obtain a ticket on entry and pay before returning to your car on the way out, so it is helpful to take your ticket with you! This is the bets place to stay if you are going to be in the city centre for a few hours. However, parking for a day may cost in excess of £15.

Getting to the Westgate Car Park:

From north or west Oxford:
Travel along the A34 to the Botley Interchange. Follow the signs for central Oxford. After about 2 miles you will go under the railway and pass the railway station on your left. Get into the right hand lane and turn right at the next traffic lights. Keep going through one set of traffic lights and a pelican crossing. Before the next lights, follow the left hand lane that forks off. After the lights, this lane leads straight inot the Westgate car park which is signposted.

From south Oxford:
Turn off the A34 at the first junction (signposted Oxford). Following signposts to the centre of Oxford, turn right at the first roundabout and left at the second. You will find yourself on the Abingdon Road, which you must follow for a mile and a half. Immediately after crossing the river the road bears left. Ignore the first exit off to the right, but then get into the right hand lane. This lane leads straight into the Westgate car park.

From east Oxford:
Head for the south of Oxford on the Ring Road and come up the main route from the south-Abingdon Road. Immediately after crossing the river the road bears left. Ignore the first exit off to the right, but then get into the right hand lane. This lane leads straight into the Westgate car park.

Overnight Parking

1. Gloucester Green

This underground car park is the most secure place to leave your car overnight as it is monitored by CCTV and kept locked between midnight and 7.30am (no access to your vehicle is allowed during this time). Drivers must apply for a permit in advance of their visit to Oxford, giving at least a week's notice (01865 794307). The cost reflects the extra security and is £25.50 for 24 hrs.

2. Westgate

Drivers pay on exiting this multi-storey car park, with the cost reflecting time spent here. The charge for 24hrs is £18.20. A recent spate of vehicle crime has led to the council employing an overnight security guard; we recommend parking on the ground floor which is closest to his office for maximum security.

3. Worcester Street

24hr tickets cost £18.20 and drivers must enter registration numbers on arrival. The machine takes notes. This car park doesn't have the advantage of paying on departure and it's close proximity to pubs and clubs should make it the last choice for drivers.